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About Outwit.Me

Twitter Word Games Played with Tweets

Twitter is a fascinating place. It is one of the largest communities on the web and growing fast.
We've been thinking quite a bit about Twitter since embracing it last year.
More precisely, we've been thinking about how to use the power of the twitter community to enhance games.
Now it's time to get our feet wet. was created as a nexus between tweeters and gaming and is about you outwitting your fellow tweeters. All of our games use only the information that is publicly available at Twitter. The variety of information and its constantly changing nature makes this an interesting playground.

Our philosophy is to present intelligent challenges for tweeters with some time on their hands. We will have never-ending games, such that once a game is completed or a puzzle is solved, another one will be automatically created. The others will still be available for all to play. This way the content will grow as more people come to play.

Our Twitter Page @outwitme lists the status of all current games.

A great resource site for visualizing twitter information and statistics is Flowing Data.

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Do you have a product, service or website to promote in return for sponsoring a game? If so, we can blend visits to your site with one of our games. Email us for details.

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Think you're really good about a particular topic. Well you can request a specific quiz. Email us above. Make sure you have plenty of followers that you can bring to the game. We'll make it as tough as we can.