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Competitive Game in Progress
Started Fri 02:01 pm Central Std. Time
Ending approx Sat 12:01 pm
58 tweet clues left.

Authorize yourself to play TweetQuiz via your Twitter account.

Tweet Quiz # 975
A kind of dance ?
(At least 57 hidden answers, in alphabetical order.)

Rules for Tweet Quiz
The game category above needs answers. Guess the answers to get points.

If your guess is not accepted, don't worry - if several people guess the same answer, it will become valid soon enough. That sharing of similar answers makes this a community game. You'll know a new answer has been promoted to the quiz when you get a tweet from Tweet Quiz.

At some point in time, you will be eligible to receive clues from tweets. Examine other people's tweets to find the missing answers.

As a never-ending game, each currently active quiz ends after 26 hours and a new one starts. Each quiz might start with only a few existing answers to guess. As the game progresses, more and more answers will be available. Remember, don't worry if there are no answers, just keep guessing and eventually the answers will appear.

The game also utilizes 'phonetic matching' and aliases. Phonetic matching allows for slight spelling mistakes to be ignored. Aliases allow similar concepts to be matched, eg clogs and wooden shoes.

Basically, when a new game starts it is seeded with a list of word/phrases that are initially worth 1000 points each.

As people contribute new answers, they are periodically by the quizmaster.

Spelling mistakes are correctly and invalid answers may be deleted.

Some answers are activated immediately and these get 1000 points - the originator also gets 1000.

However, not all answers are activated and the game waits for players to activate them naturally over time through hidden matching.

So when three people have submitted the same answer, it gets activated automatically and recieves a different point value of 1000-5000 points.

If the quzimaster sees an answer that is harder to guess, it will receive more than 1000 points - the bonus.

If you are the one who initiated that answer, you of course get that bonus. Points decrease as answers are found: each time an answer is guessed, the next player will get 10% less. Which means that only the first person to guess it gets the fulls points, subsequent get lesser and lesser. Eg 1000 for first person, 900 for second, 810 for next person and so on down to a fixed value of 500. This automatic promotion system means that bad answers rarely get into the game because 3 different people would had to have supplied it. It also means that contributing more answers could mean more points eventually.

Click unsolved words for a scrambled puzzle!

??????? ????I??? ?????? ???????N ????? ????????E ????? B????? ???????? ??????? ????? ???? ????? ?A????? ???????? ??????? ????????N ?????? ??? C?? ?????????A?? ????? ????? P???? ???? ???S? ????? ??????????I?? ????? ??? ?A??? ???? ???? ??????? ??? H?? ???? ?A????? ????? ?????O?? ??????? ????? D???? L???? ????? ??? ???? D???? ??????? ??D ??????? ?????O???? ?????? ?O?????? ?????? ???? ?????? ???I??? ????? ?????? ????I??? ?????? ????? L????? ????? D???? ???? D???? ????????N? ????? ????????R? ????? ????? ???? ??????? ????? R????? S???? S???? ?????? ????? S???? ????? ?A????? T???? ??? ?A??? ??? ???R?????? ??? ??????S??? ????? ??? ?A??? ??? J??? ??? S??? ??? ?W??? ??? ??O ???? ?????? ????? ?????? ???? ???????E ????? ???????A ???? W???? ???? ???S? ?????

Help test the Daily Version of
Some days the words are taken from a previous Tweet Quiz.

86 contributed answers are pending promotion into this game.

57 1534343179 0

Tweet Quiz Score Board for Quiz 975        
*NEW* Prize to Top Monthly Leader!. (Mininum of 50 regular monthly players required. Prize value increases for every 10 additional players.)

Twitter User | Score | Location | Matched | When
David M. Brown, MD56900Gig Harbor, WA57 (100%)254 days ago
Nikki Molloy1101712 (21%)146 days ago
Nina Ross9008Pandora`s Box10 (18%)96 days ago
Brainy Games1000Aurora, Ontario1 (2%)264 days ago
Steve Solloway900Raleigh, NC1 (2%)217 days ago

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