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Tweet Words!

Real-time Word Guessing Game

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Mystery Word Game at Twitter
In Tweet Words you have to guess a secret phrase whose clues are sent by tweets every few minutes. Each successive tweet reveals new letters in the mystery word. Sort of like an automated hangman. There are easy phrases and hard ones. Points are awarded on a first-guessed, decreasing value basis.

True to our never-ending principles, a new game will start soon after each current game ends, so you can join in anytime. Tweets are checked every 30 seconds. If you guess correctly, you get an acknowledgement Direct Message. After each game, all oustanding tweets are deleted. Sorry we can't delete the DM's.

In future we will have theme days, where all the words relate to a single topic.

To play Tweet Words, simply follow [@Tweet_Words] and wait for the clues. Reply when you have an answer.

Check the Leader Board for your scores.